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See Below for testimonials from clients whose fish have been treated by Pet Fish Doctor:


May 2009: Dr. Palmeiro has been a godsend to our fish. Last spring our fish were infected with multiple parasites (which Dr. Palmeiro diagnosed with his microscope). We were treating them for fish lice and flukes but they continued to go downhill. We emailed Dr. Palmeiro who was on the west coast at the time and to our surprise, we received a call back that same day! He promised to look at our fish upon his return & gave us some emergency help via phone. Dr. Palmeiro diagnosed our koi with ich and flukes which were likely due to the introduction of a new fish (our BIG mistake).
He gave the sickest Koi antibiotic injections. I am happy to say that all that he cared for are alive & well.  This year he came & did a few scrapings & checked our ponds as a precaution. We will always be grateful to him for all his help & our peace of mind.
Pat and Mike Morris, Wilmington Delaware


July 2008:  We've had our pond for 18 years. Last summer we found one of our koi ("Aura") lying on her side at the bottom of the pond. We were ever so fortunate to find Dr. Palmeiro. He came to the pond right away to evaluate Aura. Dr. Palmeiro told us that he suspected Aura had suffered from lightning strike resulting in damage to her spine. He was very caring and supportive and took wonderful care of her. We became a team. At times it was scary because we had never been through anything like this before. Dr. Palmeiro performed x-rays on Aura to confirm that her spine was damaged. He gave "Aura" injections, medicine, and lots of TLC (the TLC was also extended by us). As Aura was not able to eat on her own, Dr. Palmeiro also taught us how to give Aura tube feedings to help support her while she healed. The whole experience was so impressive that we even called a local newspaper who wrote a story about it. Today (1 year later) Aura is eating, swimming normally, and having a terrific summer. If not for Dr. Brian, the outcome would not have been so great and she probably would not have survived. If you ever find yourself in need of veterinary care for your pet fish, Dr. Palmeiro is only a phone call away.

Barb S.  Haddonfield, NJ


March 2008: My Angelfish were sick on and off for a few months...Next thing I knew, I had fry on the way.  Everything was going along fine until the fry were about two months old.  All of a sudden the dad died and the rest of them were not looking good.   Not knowing where to turn, I got on the internet and found Dr. Palmeiro, a veterinarian that makes house calls for fish!  I was a bit apprehensive; I could not imagine what he could possibly do to find out what the problem was.  I was out of options if I wanted them to live so I took a chance and made an appointment for Dr. Palmeiro to come to the house. 

Was I ever surprised; he walked in wheeling a portable laboratory, right down to the microscope!  This made me feel better right away.  The more questions he asked and the manner in which he spoke made me feel good about my decision to have him out.  Dr. Palmeiro was obviously very confident and knowledgeable.  When he got to work, I was pretty much amazed at all the things he could do!  Dr. Palmeiro spent about three hours at my house doing tests to make a diagnosis.  It was quite fascinating.

Dr. Palmeiro made the diagnosis, gave me medication, and sent another medication through the mail a few days later.  He was available anytime by phone or email with any questions or concerns I had.  His diagnosis was right on the money.  My fish are now doing fine and I am very pleased.   This happened a few months ago, and my fish are doing great.  Dr. Palmeiro saved my fish and I am very grateful to him.  I recommend his services to anyone, you can not do anything better for your fish than to have Dr. Palmeiro for a consultation.  I will call him for another visit when I get new fish.  I can not say thank you enough.   
Deb M.   Malvern, PA